Voice Disorders

A wide variety of medical conditions can lead to a hoarse voice. The most common causes of hoarseness and vocal difficulties are viral infections such as colds or the flu, speaking in noisy situations, excessive cellular phone use or use with the handset cradled to the shoulder, speaking in an inappropriate pitch (too high or too low) for prolonged periods, and not using amplification when publicly speaking.

When hoarseness becomes frequent, or you notice a change in your voice, Boston ENT can help evaluate and diagnose more significant causes using sophisticated Videostroboscopy.


The first, and most difficult step in diagnosing voice and swallowing problems is to visually evaluate the throat and mouth. Boston ENT has a unique solution called a distal chip VIDEOSTROBE laryngoscopy that allows us to get a state of the art view of the larynx. Using this video scope, we can identify and show the probably cause of the problem, and capture before and after images for comparison during treatment.